Our Specialization

At Prem Developer, we are committed to being your trusted partner for all your construction requirements.

Prem Developer offers a comprehensive range of construction, Real Estate, and architecture services, from conceptualization to execution. We adhere to our ideology, design philosophy, and methodology, utilizing only the best quality materials, techniques, and talented professionals, ensuring consistency in the standard of our homes.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Prem Developer believes in improving the quality of our clients’ lives through our work. We prioritize effective space utilization, exceptional workmanship, personal supervision, and superior finishing, ensuring a structural guarantee and warranty on electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and other aspects of our work. We build

Structural Designing

Building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime desire for many of us, but failure to use accurate load estimates can lead to tragedy. Many builders make assumptions about column size, foundation depth, and reinforcement, risking structural integrity. To ensure safe construction, you may need to consider a structural design that accommodates future expansion, such as adding an additional level.

Architectural Designing

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable architects approach each project with individual attention to incorporate suitable vasthu principles into the design. Our primary focus is to generate an exotic building appearance by putting in significant effort and adhering to the principles of vasthu.

Interior Design Services

Complete customization by qualified and experienced interior designers assigned to the client is the system of Prem Developer. We provide complete solutions to your interiors including sharp and focused spatial planning, interior design, furnishings, and decoration. First we make the design in discussion with the client, get approval and then build it exactly as per plan. Each branch has expert designers, working closely with clients in cooperation with business development managers, factory and project installation team.

Real Estate

We provide a one-stop solution for all your real estate service requirements. We offer a wide range of services, including property evaluation, financing, consultancy, and more, delivered by skilled and experienced real estate service providers.

Land Aggregation Services

Prem Developer ventured into Land Acquisition to cater to the needs of large corporates and MNC’s. Each project being different from other, the Group adopt innovative approach to each of its project. The difficulties that come in the process of land acquisition in India are immense, the companies refrain from acquiring the same on their own due to multiple laws and polices involved. Owing to this, the group has been assisting clients in acquiring land in a time bound manner.

Different Parameters drive land acquisition process the most important being the Location & size of the project. Various other parameters include road/rail/sea/airport connectivity, contour, land availability etc.

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